Light Microscope

Olympus BX43

The BX43 microscope offers an exceptional range of features and high optical performance and is the ideal platform for digital imaging.This flexible microscope offers several contrast methods and superior optics combined with true color LED illumination for excellent color reproduction.Efficiency is maximized by ergonomic design, while ease of use is optimized by the intensity of light gesture, which eliminates manual intensity settings for each lens.A wide range of accessories allows the expansion of the system to cover more techniques, making it adaptable to meet future needs.


  • Blue-green-ultraviolet fluorescence
  • Transmitted Koehler Illuminator
  • FN 22 wide field observation tubes
  • Dimension of 274.5Wx362 D X 410 H mm
  • Weight 13.2 Kg
Olympus IX51

The Olympus IX51 inverted microscope has a very stable platform and a wide range of accessories and applications. It has a performance and efficiency at a great cost.


  • Ergonomic design and easy operation.
  • The side camera port accepts a wide range of CCD cameras.
  • Excellent optics with a 30W illumination pillar includes a capacitor (NA 0.3, WD 72mm) with detachable front lens for an ultra long working distance of 182mm.
  • Observation of live cells suitable for use with a wide range of containers and sliding stage / IX2-Gs.
  • Excellent fluorescence performance The high performance illuminator is 20% brighter than previous models. It also includes openings and field stops and convenient access to burner centralization. 


Nikon Optihot-150

Light Microscope configured to inspect in light and dark field. With lenses for 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, epi-lighting with 100w lamp holder, trinocular observation head.


  • Ergonomic tilting.
  • Rotation 5 positions
  • Polarized rotation
  • Speed controller.
  • Sony CCD camcorder

Olympus IX81

Inverted motorized fluorescence microscope with high resolution and optical DIC phase contrast and equipped with a FluoView digital charge-cooled monochrome II (CCD) camera. It possesses water and oil immersion capacitors are also available for high resolution images. It also has four color epiflurescence techniques (UV, blue, green, red), phase contrast and differential interference contrast (DIC) Tokai incubation.


  • 4x-100x oil immersion air targets.
  • Condensers powder, water and immersion oil.
  • Motorized stages.
  • Epiflurescence.