Transmission Electron Microscope


MET HT 7700 2 HITACHI HT7700

Its radical design incorporates the ergonomics and ease of use of a SEM with the advanced automation, resolution, and analytical capabilities of a TEM. The image is completely digital, the Hitachi EMIP-SP database, automatically catalogs the images.


  • Ergonomic design, operates with the ease of a SEM.
  • High stability.
  • Ecological vacuum system, fast and quiet.
  • Auto brightness mode, auto focus and astigmatism correction.
  • Wide range of vision.
  • Low cost of operation and high durability.
  • Ideal for laboratories of pathology.
  • The resolution is 0.20nm lattice.
  • It has a voltage of 40 to 120Kv, 100v.
  • Auto-focus has a (+/- 50? M in 20,000x), Auto-stigmation (+/- 2? M in 20,000x) approach.


The Hitachi-7100 Transmission Electron Microscope combines the contrast of high quality images with high resolution power, as well as avoiding damage to the easy or delicate samples.
Hitachi-7100 has a wide range of automated features, enabling rapid specimen examination. Its multiple sample holder allows up to three bars in the column simultaneously. The digital camera allows the real-time display of the symbol as well as the capture and output of digital images.


  • Automatic features.
  • Digital camera in real time.
  • Expansion of 1000x-300000x.
  • Image of 8-bit-16-bit TIFF up to 2672 X 2672 pixels.


 The HT7000 is a transmission electron microscope equipped with a high resolution camera for imaging.


  • 125 kV / 600,000x magnification
  • digital imaging to 1376x1032 pixels
  • goniometer stage

Scanning Electron Microscope

Microscopio Electronico de Barrido S3700NHITACHI S-3700n 

S-3700n fits a wide variety of samples, while the flexible camera design allows for superior analytical analysis. Able to accommodate a 300 mm diameter sample with a maximum height of 110 mm. A 5-axis motorized stage makes the camera ideal for a wide variety of samples.The scanning electron microscope (SEM) today extends into an ever-expanding field of applications.The S-3700n comes with a secondary electron detector, backscattered electron (BSE) five-segment detector and a variable pressure mode (VP). This allows the observation of most samples in their natural state or in a Wet state, without the need for metal coating, which was required in the past.It also has many accessory ports to support the wide range of applications required by today's microscopes, with accessories including, for example, EDX, WDX, EBSD, a wide-ranging camera, and a cooling stage. This versatile system And flexible will support your needs in the future.


  •  Scanning electron microscope with variable pressure, emission field by scanning ultra FE.
  • Digital camera.
  • It has an optical resolution of Min: 3 nm, Máx: 10 nm.

MEB S 570 1HITACHI S-S-570

The Hitachi S570 is a Tungsten filament source. This system has smaller secondary electron detectors, and a return dispersion detector. It also has an HKL backscatter electron diffraction analysis system to measure orientation and size of materials. The system has also been modernized with a digital image capture system.


  • It has a resolution of 3.5nm.
  • It has 20-200,000 zoom.
  • Acceleration voltage of 0.5-30Kv.
  • It has secondary and backscattered lectronic detector.