Sputter Coating

Cobertor ionico EMS 150RS 4
EMS 150RS 
The EMS150R is a compact rotary pumping system suitable for SEM sputtering with non-oxidizing metals (nobles) is a rotary pumping device for non-oxidizing metals (gold) and other palladium (Pd) and platinum (Pt) metals. A rotary pumping device for non-oxidizing metals, gold (Au) and other metals palladium (Pd) and platinum (Pt) .Intuitive graphical interface complete with touch screen buttons; A record of the last 10 coatings made.

Cobertor ionico EMS 550X 2EMS 550X

It is a model that allows to cover the samples with a layer of conductive material as is the gold to avoid the accumulation of electric charges since this alters the trajectory of the electrons and as a result generates a distorted and low resolution image.


  • Automatic control.
  • Low voltage cathodic sputtering.
  • High resolution (gold grain 2nm).
  • Special rotation with ease at full speed.
  • 165 mm diameter (6 inches).
  • Works with Borosilicate cameras: 165mm x 125mm.
  • Polycarbonate safety shield.


Power XL

The Power XL is an ultramicrotome is one of the most popular in the industry for its more than 60 years of experience. Its improvements with a new design and an exceptional cutting motor and precision.

-Compact two-piece design with advanced anti-vibration system.
-Great flexibility and ease.
-PowerTome, high stability.
-High precision micrometer knife.
-Stereotypical system with high tilt control.

RMC Power tome PC

Ultracrotomo all-in-one computer-controlled, easy to use and display panel of images. In addition with ergonomic system and comfort. LED backlight with independent focus of transillumination. Five channels of memory to store trimming parameters.

-High stability, pressure and manual operation.
-High-definition stereo video record.
-2.4 GHz 64-bit dual-core display processor.
-4 GB de RAM.
-Cut with 360 ° rotation. Allows glass blades up to 12mm.


critical point dryer

EMS 850

Dryer designed for use with CO2. The samples for critical point drying are in the pressure chamber of the EMS 850, the chamber is pre-cooled to allow it to be easily filled with liquid CO2 from a gas cylinder. The chamber is then heated just above the critical temperature and the critical pressure is reached. The CO2 gas is vented through a needle valve, this to avoid distortion of the sample.


-Vertical chamber with top filling and bottom drainage.
-Temperature of normal operation 35 ° C pressure 1500 psi.
-Thermal cooling and heating Peltier.
-Prepression pressure of fine control needle valve.
-Illuminated camera with side viewing port and 'Lexan' protector.
-Stirring system for greater exchange of solvents.
-Vigilance and temperature control with protection against thermal cut.
-Control of pressure with safety valve and protection against rupture of disc.
-Polycarbonate security shield.

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The LEICA EMCPD300 is a fully automatic biological sample drier that allows you to prepare samples such as pollen, plants, insects, tissues and industrial samples. It guarantees a low CO2 consumption and in a short time, it has controlled cuts and the integration of a Waste separator